Friendship is such a relationship which a person chooses of his own free will. Friendship Day means friendship day which is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. This time on Friendship Day, congratulate your friends in a special way with our Friendship Quotes in Hindi collection of Friendship Quotes in Hindi.

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

How will we pay the debt of this friendship,
With whom will we be friends when we are no more,
Or keep safe my friends,
Because only my friends will pray for my life.

friendship quotes in hindi

Let the rising face light you,
Let the blossoming flower give you the fragrance,
We are not capable of giving happiness,
May the giver give you a thousand happiness.

Rishto should come to play,
There should be loyalty in friendship,
No matter how deep the clouds of sorrow become,
Just a friend should be there.

Today my heart is asking with my own picture,
What have you got from fate,
By keeping your picture in my heart,
I have found this lovely friend from the crowd of the world.

A true friend is not necessarily a seal of love,
That friend is not necessarily very beautiful,
The friendship of a true friend is known only when,
When we need him in any trouble.

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

I will leave my own lack in my heart,
Will leave a waiting line in my eyes,
We will keep searching for remembering,
Such a story of friendship will be left.

best friend quotes in hindi

Never love a false friend
And never game a true friend.

We hum the song of friendship,
Sometimes we laugh in friendship and sometimes we cry,
We say we will play together for life
But people often get separated.

Friendship is a feeling
Who brings even unknown people closer,
The one who supports every moment is called a friend.
Otherwise, his shadow also leaves with him.

A true friend is the one who never lets us fall,
Never let it fall in the eyes of anyone,
And never let anyone fall at your feet.

friendship quotes in hindi

In your friendship, there will be a storm in life,
The desires of the heart will decorate in your friendship,
If your friendship lasts a lifetime,
So we will leave behind even death in friendship.

friendship day quotes in hindi

If it is said from the heart, it touches the heart.
And without saying anything, it also says something,
Some people change the meaning of friendship
And for some, life changes only with friendship.

Life does not repeat history again,
Friends are missed at every turn in every moment,
Life is lost in the moments of friendship,
Thinking of those moments, our eyes get moist.

A good and true friend is a flower,
What we can’t even break
And can’t even leave alone
If broken, it will wither away,
And if left, someone else will take it.

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

Why do friends share all the sorrows of life,
Why do friends support in life?
Relationship is only with them,
Still why do we consider us as our friends.

funny friendship quotes in hindi

When friendship is true and strong,
So he doesn’t need to show
no matter how far a friend goes,
There is no need to bring him near.

Friendship is not that which disappears,
cut like paths,
Friendship is that lovely feeling,
In which everything gets reduced in an instant.

The name of the shadows of enthusiasm is life,
The name of the depths of sorrows is life,
We have a lovely friend here,
The name of her sweet little happiness is life.

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Friendship Day Quotes in Hindi

There will be a lot of sorrow when we leave,
You will suffer a lot but tears will not come,
When no one is with you, call us, O friend.
Even if you are in the sky, you will come back.

When I remember the time spent together,
Leaves tears in my eyes,
If you find someone else, don’t forget us
The relationship of friendship works for a lifetime.

hindi quotes for friendship

You have not met us, but you are also near,
We also feel your lack,
We have millions of friends in this place,
But you are also a bastard and also special.

What is the heart that does not wish to meet,
Live forgetting you, God don’t do it
May your friendship be my life,
This is another matter, do not favor life.

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

Fire burns even in a storm,
Flowers bloom even in thorns,
Those evenings are very cool,
Wherever you meet friends.

Time will pass by while living with you,
After being in solitude,
Who will remember thinking about whom?
Live this moment when we are together guys,
Who knows tomorrow where will the time take me.

The distance of the moon is up to one night,
The distance to the sun is only by day,
We don’t see time in friendship
because of our friendship
The limit is till our last breath.

Friendship is not what kills,
Friendship is not even that which gives happiness,
Friends, true friendship is that,
who fell in the water
Even the tears of a friend are recognized.

Best Friend Quotes in Hindi

Friendship is a gust of wind,
Friendship is a name of loyalty,
no matter what happens to others,
For us, God’s beautiful gift is that of friendship.

Success always comes with courage,
Freshmen always meet friends,
good friends are hard to find,
And friends like you meet with luck.

Seeing you broken, O friend,
I break myself too
That’s why I’ll explain to you
And alone I sit crying.

Remember that old moment of friendship,
fills my eyes,
May your friendship live on forever,
This is what our heart desires.

What have we become poor in the journey of life?
Those friends also left who were once close,
Those who used to swear to be together for life,
Today he became close by leaving us in the middle of the road.

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

There are many difficulties in life,
But not everyone’s support is their own,
There are many friends in life,
But not everyone is special to us,
But ever since I found a friend like you,
And making someone special is not the right thing to do.

Words of Ulfat do not come on the tongue,
Those who have passed do not come again to trap them,
Friends are the sympathizers of friends,
No angels come here to accompany you.

Don’t know why we don’t know how to get wet.
I don’t know why I don’t know how to explain my heart.
Why did all the friends leave us?
Maybe we just can’t get along.

We are with you every moment,
We are with you even though you are in loneliness,
Not yours but us,
Every moment of your absence is felt.

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Funny Friendship Quotes in Hindi

Friendship is not forgotten by getting the place,
Friendship is not destroyed by finding a partner,
There is always a lack of friends,
Friendship is not hidden from loneliness.

Dude no one owns property,
Life doesn’t belong to anyone,
Look into our kingdom and step into it,
Friendship is not free after coming into our friendship.

This world does not run on the basis of memories,
The gathering doesn’t move without a poet.
Call me once, come friend
Because without friends this beat does not go on.

I have to recite something between friends,
Smile has to be removed by removing sorrow,
Once upon a time we were his friend,
Nowadays they have to be reminded.

You came to life like a friend,
That we have forgotten this time,
Don’t you remember us ever,
But we forgot to forget you.

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

Dude, what a strange thing,
But very few people get this too.
Those who catch hold of it in life,
Understand that heaven is very close to them.

We are proud of you yaar teri yari.
Calling to meet all the time,
Such friends are rarely found,
who invites us to visit.

Journey of friendship
that never ends,
Friendship is our dearest,
which never ends.

Life’s journey is very strange,
Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy,
When we find friends like you,
So nothing is difficult, everything is easy.

We lost in the race of life,
We left all the grievances behind,
We have lost our precious friend,
Or have we really lost in the journey of life.

Hindi Quotes for Friendship

O friend, don’t be angry with us,
It is our time which is bad,
That too will change one day,
Just always you stay with us.

When a friend progresses,
So you proudly say this is my friend,
And when friends are in trouble,
So you say we are its friends.

Heartfelt promise to you,
Do not understand that we will be forgotten even by mistake,
Remember, we will maintain friendship for life.

In all the times,
You will feel it my friend!
We are that fragrance of friendship,
Who will smell till death!

Don’t know what the atmosphere will be like after a few days,
Where will we all be friends,
Then if you want to meet, you will meet in a dream,
Like dried roses are found in old books.

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

My luck is amazing
The one above gave me a true friend,
Whenever my friend remembered you,
Got you near me

Friendship is not a pain but a message of happiness.
This is the age of one’s own,
It’s a beautiful feeling
Due to which this whole world is happy.

Hope is such that compels one to succeed,
The path should be such that it compels us to walk,
Do not ever lose the smell of your friendship,
Friendship should be such that it compels you to meet.

One evening in the air of those moments is ours,
May we have a flower in the rising chaman,
When we think about our friends,
Only one of those names should be yours.

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friendship quotes in hindi

Some friends in life become yours,
Some live in the heart and some in the eyes,
Some friends slowly part ways,
But we want everyone to be who we are.

We do relationships a lot,
But in friendship rituals are performed,
When we get tired of losing,
So we just call friends.

Friendship is a tree that gives shade,
There is a medicine to give to a sad mind,
How can you leave your friendship,
Every evening is incomplete without friendship.

How many get a smile,
The sorrows of so many are erased,
We send messages because
So that even if you do not meet, your friend does not become less.

Laughing like a flower is life,
Being happy and forgetting sorrow is life,
What if people are happy together?
It is our life to maintain friendship without meeting!

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

We give love to the enemy,
Lose the smile on love,
with a lot of thought
Make a promise to us.. A-friend.
We live our lives on promises!

People are needed in the gathering,
Love is needed in the liver,
Our gathering is incomplete without friends,
Because a friend is always needed.

Do a favor to those who write luck,
Write one more happiness in the fate of my friend,
Never let him get hurt,
If you want, write my life in his destiny.

Dude like you are not everywhere
Some are not with us even after us,
I felt after loving you,
The stars were some far away and some were on the ground too.

Hindi Friend Quotes

We do not know how to show the matter of the liver,
We don’t know how to hurt someone’s heart.
You think we forgot you
But we do not know how to forget some good friends.

I don’t like to walk alone in the light of day.
Rather I with my true friend,
I like to walk in the dark.

Our small heart should never be broken by mistake,
You never get upset with the little things,
If you have the slightest concern,
So try that this friendship never breaks.

It is said that there is flight from Hoslo,
True friendship is known only
Everything comes in life,
When there is life in our friendship.

Friendship Quotes in Hindi

We are the thing that no one can understand.
We are the night that brings a new dawn,
People leave just by making relationships,
We are with the one who never leaves.

Getting separated is all a game of luck,
Sometimes hate is a combination of hearts,
Every road is sold in this age,
Only friendship is the note for sale here.

friendship quotes

If given, they burn even in a storm,
Roses feed only in thorns,
There is a lot of luck that evening,
In which friends like you meet.

Don’t promise if you can’t fulfill
Whether you want or you can’t get it,
Friends are many in the world,
But keep a special one without which you cannot smile.

Man, every face has a shine,
Friendship is the hallmark of happiness and sorrow,
Even if someone gets angry, don’t take it to heart.
Because friendship is a little ignorant.

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